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Isabella Diaz, MBA/CPA

Isabel has been a practicing Private Business Consultant and Accountant services for over 20 years. She received her Bachelors degree in accounting from San Francisco University in 1993. At the beginning of her career, Isabel spent seven years in the Audit and Financial Controller departments of the “Big Four” firm of Citibank Group.

Isabel's professional expertise is in the areas of auditing, forensic accounting and business advisory services. Her fluency in Spanish attracts an international clientele. Isabel works with various industries including, manufacturing, Flowers Farmers, Transportation and Logistics, Real Estate Developers, Hospitality, franchisers and restaurants. She has in depth experience in providing consulting in areas such as business start-ups, reorganizations and acquisitions. Isabel is responsible for the firm’s quality review and compliance with professional standards.

Born in Guayaquil-Ecuador in 1961, Isabel moved to Miami in 2001. She worked hard to put herself through college, and after completing her MBA education at San Francisco State University she started a new professional life in Miami to pursue her career.

Isabel support St Jude Children Hospital , Breast Cancer Association and Red Cross. She is member of National Association of Professional Women from 2004. Also support Nicklaus Children's Hospital.

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